Adrian at Cotsen

Adrian Pfitzer was a member of the Tucson Go Club for a number of years, until he passed away by an unfortunate circumstance in May of 2011 at the age of 33.

He was known for how much he played Go, online as well as at club meetings, and never turned a game down even when he knew he would get destroyed. Perhaps he was even more well known for his debates and discussions in politics and philosophy, which added so much to the atmosphere and entertainment of our club.

Adrian reached 4 Kyu in strength on KGS just before he passed and the Tucson Go Club will forever miss playing him and having him teach the illegitimacy of our club to newer members and visitors alike.

Adrian at Go Club

Adrian with the Tucson Go Club

Below are some messages left to Adrian by various members of the Tucson Go Club and others. If you would like to leave a message here in remembrance of Adrian, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


We will all miss you, Adrian. You were always a nice, happy guy, and welcomed me into Go Club. Thank you.


Adrian gave me advice that turned out to be more helpful than I imagined that it could be. Getting good advice from someone you don’t know so well is rare – maybe I’ll have a chance to pay it forward sometime.

Eric Flood:

Adrian helped teach me Go – we played often as I developed. We had excellent games and excellent, rational, discussions despite our political differences Adrian was a distinctive part of my time in Tucson.


Adrian was an unforgettable and interesting person.

Rebecca Holtrop:

Adrian has been an absolutely wonderful presence and a loyal friend since he arrived at our house and stayed for 3 months. We shared our holidays and events with him. I got so used to coming downstairs in the morning to him stacking 4 waffles and talking philosophy or just reading the paper, that it felt empty to not have him there the last time I visited.

He showed me an excellent time a couple weeks ago, just taking a walk with me through the park, sharing a drink afterward and a tacky “dinner” of cheese sticks. We had a lot of time to catch up and shared a lot of experiences and perspectives in our conversations that day.

We got to take one more walk with Jon 2 nights before the tragedy. I wish there could be more walks. I will look forward to many more in heaven.

Adrian had a very warm, kind, and giving heart. He always was sensitive to the concerns and needs of others, as evident by the five people he’s saved by his organ donation. I feel that he was always there for every one of us in my family. He will always live on and keep a huge chunk of my heart. RIP, my friend!

P.S. Eric and I will miss you.