Jonathan Holtrop

Jonathan Holtrop (1k)
Kaya/IGS User: Exologist

Jorge Muriel

Jorge Muriel (12k)

Guillermo Molano

Guillermo Molano (8k)
KGS User: memolano

Sarah Stephenson

Sarah Stephenson (20k)

Zach VanderLaan

Zach VanderLaan (2k)

Dennis Blois

Dennis Blois (18k)
KGS User: SoronZero

Daniel Davis Jr.

Daniel Davis Jr. (5k)

Brad Okuma

Brad Okuma (3k)
KGS User: Okuma

Martin Lebl

Martin Lebl (6d)
KGS User: EvilOne

Chris Burg

Chris Burg (1d)

Charles Polkiewicz

Charles Polkiewicz (9k)

Peter Lipa

Peter Lipa (20k)
KGS User: porl3141

David Dror

David Dror (6k)

Of course, there are more of us that may not be listed here, so you’ll just have to come visit!
If you would like to be listed here, add an online username, or update your rank, say so at any of the meetings or contact me.