Game I Should’ve Lost

I should have lost this game pretty severely. Distracted the opponent and ended up saving the middle group that had been killable with a move for some time. Move 179 was the saving move. Also pay attention to the happening in the upper right corner. Some fun happens there.

Phoenix Rating Tournament Coming Up — Next Week

Well it is that time of the year again. What time you ask? Well it is when beer turns green for some strange reason, and when three members of our club celebrate their birthdays (Charles, Eric and me edit: and apparently also Jonathan). But it is also the time for the Spring Rating Tournament in Phoenix. Hope to see some of you make it up here to update or establish your AGA ranks. The only requirement is a current AGA membership. You can join online, or at the tournament. In any case the tournament will happen at the following dates and times at the regular meeting places of the Arizona Go Club. The tournament days are as follows:

  • March 19, 2011 Saturday @ 1 PM at ASU MU
  • March 22, 2011 Tuesday @ 7 PM At IHOP
  • March 26, 2011 Saturday @ 1 PM at ASU MU

In any case just FYI, and if you come I will see you there.

Most Peaceful Game I’ve Ever Seen

Played this game on KGS. I know what you are thinking. Its a really bad game but at least I won it. Only 1 stone is captured the entire game. This guy was good at building territory but I don’t think he knew how to fight at all.  Enjoy looking at this one!

Backup or not to Backup

How about a problem? This is actually from a game of mine that I shamefully did not take the time to read very carefully. Let it be a lesson to you!

35th Kisei Title

Cho U vs. Iyama Yuta

Japanese Kisei Title

Things are getting pretty intense in the current ongoing Kisei Title Match! The Kisei is one of the biggest tournaments played in Japan where the best go players compete to challenge the title holder.

The current title holder is Cho U 9p, and the challenger Iyama Yuta 9p. I remember the tournament between title holders of the three largest go forces in the world, China, South Korea, and Japan (The Super Meijin), and that Yuta was the participant for Japan next to Gu Li from China and Lee Chang-ho from Korea. Surely Cho U is not having it easy against this guy.

The 4th match of this best-of-7 was just recently completed at a 0.5 point victory for Cho U. Talk about a close game! The 3rd wasn’t much farther at a whopping 1.5 points in favor of Yuta. So far, the record is tied at 2 victories each, and interestingly the player with black seems to be winning every time. If one of them can pull off 2 more wins, then the $200,000+ prize money will finally have a proper bank account to call home. I really wish the western world would get its act together and establish things like this.

A 5th game will be played this Thursday and Friday on the 24th and 25th (6th the following Thurs. and Fri.). See the previous results for the first, second, and third games at WBaduk. Continue reading to see how this 0.5 game went.

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He will be missed

For anyone that did not come to the Wednesday meeting this last Wednesday (Feb. 16), it came to all our attention that our usual server at the IHOP there, Ken, has passed away due to a heart attack. For the last year or so, I’ve loved having his company, his genuine interest in the game that we play, and his good-natured humor. He even offered to try and help advertise our club at no expense. Life is indeed short, and I regret not being able to play him a game or get to know more about him. He will be remembered and greatly missed by the Tucson Go Club.

My prayers will being going out to his family.

Feel free to give your comments below.

A good building move

Moyo problem! To make things interesting, I’ll try my hand at posting educational, theoretical, philosophical, or amusing subjects about go in general as well as stuff from games I either play or watch. Yeah I know, I’m no dan level player, but give me some credit Brett gives me 6 stones.

Anyways, I played a few games today, one of which was against a 1k (somehow I managed to win by 0.5 points). This situation came up which I should have seen, but I’m still getting back into the groove of playing on KGS, so unfortunately I did not do so well at it:

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Why we go to tournaments…or congrats Charles

Chucky gets luckySo recently there was this tournament. This year Tucson’s representation was not as good as in years past. So here is a little reminder of why we go to these things, besides it being fun to play more go, it is to win trophies, medals, etc. Our own Charles “Chuckie” Polkiewicz has managed to bring home the coveted second place trophie in the Division D of the 2011 Phoenix Chinese New Years Tournament. Of course Division D was not exactly heavily contested, but still medal, is a medal. :) Right? So with only so few people it could have been you. Think of that, and attend next time. Many thanks from all of us to Quan Li for running the tournament, and also for the photos of the winners. More on this tournament after the break.

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Brought to life

Hello, and welcome to the new and improved Tucson Go Club website! I have extra webspace not being used, and I thought it’d be the perfect project to get something going for the Tucson Go Club’s online presence. So far I have been working hard to get all the necessary information up to reach out to anyone who might run into us. In the future, I will see what I can do about adding a page that will explain how to play go at a basic level so that you guys can refer local newbies who have never heard of the game to this site. Martin and myself will also be seeing what we can do about getting some more pictures up.

In the mean time, I’ll recruit as many of the Tucson Go Club members as I can to join and contribute if they wish. It would be no fun if it were just me making all the posts here, now would it?

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