Save a date for Cotsen

So, breaking with tradition, we actually have a heads up on Cotsen many months in advance. This means that everyone that wants to go can manage to get the date off, and put aside the money it will costs, which with Cotsen is not many. The hall mark of this tournaments are: great prizes, great trophies, three digit attendance, great time had by all, not to mention free registration, free lunch both days, free limited membership for new members, and who could forget the free massages during games. :) In any case here is the date: October 26th and 27th. For now that is all we know. More will follow and I will update everyone when it is known. Till then anticipate and prepare. We can make it another great road trip. (Probably don’t have enough people to beat our high water mark from a few years back, when we had nearly thirty from Arizona, but let’s at least make it a double digit attendance this year.)

Cotsen date is finally here! Let’s get ready!

So I have some wonderful news for everyone. Cotsen is here. Cotsen is here. Seriously though, I just heard from Andy Okun yesterday, and there is a date for Cotsen, as well as a new location, and a few more fun surprises. Here is what I got from Andy:

 Finally!  The Cotsen, this year to be known as the “Cotsen Go Tournament and Pro Qualifier,” is set for April 28-29 at the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles’ Mid-Wilshire District.  The detailed arrangements are still being worked out, so you can’t register yet, but the date is set and the venue booked.  The tournament will feature all elements you’ve come to know … tough competition, good prizes, cool trophies, Mr. Yang 7p, neck massage and good food … but with two additional features this year.  One is that the open section will choose at least one player to play in the AGA’s first ever Pro Certification tournament in North Carolina in August.  The other is that, as a gift to the US go community, the KBA is sending a VIP delegation including either three or four professionals who will do simultaneous games, game reviews and commentary with the players. This is liable to be the best Cotsen ever, which is saying something.  Until the registration is set up, send any questions to me at

So that is it for now, but we should start planning the trip now. I will let everyone know when there is more news.

35th Kisei Title

Cho U vs. Iyama Yuta

Japanese Kisei Title

Things are getting pretty intense in the current ongoing Kisei Title Match! The Kisei is one of the biggest tournaments played in Japan where the best go players compete to challenge the title holder.

The current title holder is Cho U 9p, and the challenger Iyama Yuta 9p. I remember the tournament between title holders of the three largest go forces in the world, China, South Korea, and Japan (The Super Meijin), and that Yuta was the participant for Japan next to Gu Li from China and Lee Chang-ho from Korea. Surely Cho U is not having it easy against this guy.

The 4th match of this best-of-7 was just recently completed at a 0.5 point victory for Cho U. Talk about a close game! The 3rd wasn’t much farther at a whopping 1.5 points in favor of Yuta. So far, the record is tied at 2 victories each, and interestingly the player with black seems to be winning every time. If one of them can pull off 2 more wins, then the $200,000+ prize money will finally have a proper bank account to call home. I really wish the western world would get its act together and establish things like this.

A 5th game will be played this Thursday and Friday on the 24th and 25th (6th the following Thurs. and Fri.). See the previous results for the first, second, and third games at WBaduk. Continue reading to see how this 0.5 game went.
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