Review 2

I’ve had this in my books forever. Yesterday I felt like I should really review it so I finally did (sorry, there was no excuse for me here). It was submitted a while back from a member of the Life in 19×19 community, Chew Terr. Hopefully it’ll nudge more of you to submit your games to me!

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Review 1

Here is a first review for the books. A fellow visitor of the local club here submitted this game to me. Hopefully this will help you in your quest!

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Go Review by Reid

If you keep up with the recent Go Teaching Ladder reviews, there was one done by Reid (5d AGA) possibly about a week or two ago. Reid’s reviews are usually something to behold, even for a comparitavely weaker player such as myself. This review in particular had some really good words of wisdom when it comes to this game. Read and observe carefully and maybe you’ll get to that next rank a little faster.

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It is important to recognize that your opponent is going to be sharing the board space with you. Keeping everything is just not in the nature of this game. The more you try to keep it all, the more your opponent can use it against you. Instead, you must let him have his share when he deserves it.

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Who won?

I was on KGS a few days ago watching the high dan games like I usually do, and this situation came up at the end of this game. White’s huge group on the top only got one eye and was forced to run far, which ends in a giant capture race of proportions I have rarely seen. I couldn’t tell who was going to win this race and then black ran out of time. Can you figure out who would have one if time was not an issue?

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This a game I had a fun time viewing from the 49th Japanese Judan title. For the most part, it seems you do not see this as much fighting (in the sense of having many weak groups battling each other for life) in professional games because they are so good they can already read out how a fighting situation will end. But when huge fights break out, it is amazing to watch. So check it out!

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Game I Should’ve Lost

I should have lost this game pretty severely. Distracted the opponent and ended up saving the middle group that had been killable with a move for some time. Move 179 was the saving move. Also pay attention to the happening in the upper right corner. Some fun happens there.

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