Save a date for Cotsen

So, breaking with tradition, we actually have a heads up on Cotsen many months in advance. This means that everyone that wants to go can manage to get the date off, and put aside the money it will costs, which with Cotsen is not many. The hall mark of this tournaments are: great prizes, great trophies, three digit attendance, great time had by all, not to mention free registration, free lunch both days, free limited membership for new members, and who could forget the free massages during games. :) In any case here is the date: October 26th and 27th. For now that is all we know. More will follow and I will update everyone when it is known. Till then anticipate and prepare. We can make it another great road trip. (Probably don’t have enough people to beat our high water mark from a few years back, when we had nearly thirty from Arizona, but let’s at least make it a double digit attendance this year.)

Cotsen date is finally here! Let’s get ready!

So I have some wonderful news for everyone. Cotsen is here. Cotsen is here. Seriously though, I just heard from Andy Okun yesterday, and there is a date for Cotsen, as well as a new location, and a few more fun surprises. Here is what I got from Andy:

 Finally!  The Cotsen, this year to be known as the “Cotsen Go Tournament and Pro Qualifier,” is set for April 28-29 at the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles’ Mid-Wilshire District.  The detailed arrangements are still being worked out, so you can’t register yet, but the date is set and the venue booked.  The tournament will feature all elements you’ve come to know … tough competition, good prizes, cool trophies, Mr. Yang 7p, neck massage and good food … but with two additional features this year.  One is that the open section will choose at least one player to play in the AGA’s first ever Pro Certification tournament in North Carolina in August.  The other is that, as a gift to the US go community, the KBA is sending a VIP delegation including either three or four professionals who will do simultaneous games, game reviews and commentary with the players. This is liable to be the best Cotsen ever, which is saying something.  Until the registration is set up, send any questions to me at

So that is it for now, but we should start planning the trip now. I will let everyone know when there is more news.

2012 Phoenix Chinese Week Go Open

First round begins

Happy Valentine’s Day all!

A few weeks ago, there was a great amount of hype for this tournament, so several of us decided to crash the party in Phoenix on the 29th of January to make up for last year. Among the people at the tournament from Phoenix and possibly other places, those of us from Tucson were: Charles Polkiewicz, Daniel Davis Jr, Guillermo Molano, Jorge Muriel, Chris Burg, Adam Smith, and myself (Jonathan Holtrop). Martin was there as well, so it was good to see him.

That’s 7 of us! Out of the 22 players of the tournament, we made up a 3rd of that. It was great to see Tucson playing an active role.

Another notable guest to this year’s Chinese Week Open was Chun-Hong Chen (8d) studying from Taiwan, who expectedly won 1st in Division A. It was exciting to be able to look down over some of his games.

There were 3 rounds of games and 4 divisions of ranking spanning over most of the afternoon in which the outcomes would decide the 1st and 2nd places for each division. There was also very good Chinese food for lunch! Not to mention all sorts of things you could purchase outside where the rest of the Chinese Week was going on.

Among the guests from Tucson, Guillermo Molano placed 2nd in Division D (9k and below) and I placed 1st in Division B (3k to 1d). I will await next year’s Open where I plan to try my skills in Division A. What will you aspire for next year?

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Phoenix Rating Tournament Coming Up — Next Week

Well it is that time of the year again. What time you ask? Well it is when beer turns green for some strange reason, and when three members of our club celebrate their birthdays (Charles, Eric and me edit: and apparently also Jonathan). But it is also the time for the Spring Rating Tournament in Phoenix. Hope to see some of you make it up here to update or establish your AGA ranks. The only requirement is a current AGA membership. You can join online, or at the tournament. In any case the tournament will happen at the following dates and times at the regular meeting places of the Arizona Go Club. The tournament days are as follows:

  • March 19, 2011 Saturday @ 1 PM at ASU MU
  • March 22, 2011 Tuesday @ 7 PM At IHOP
  • March 26, 2011 Saturday @ 1 PM at ASU MU

In any case just FYI, and if you come I will see you there.

Why we go to tournaments…or congrats Charles

Chucky gets luckySo recently there was this tournament. This year Tucson’s representation was not as good as in years past. So here is a little reminder of why we go to these things, besides it being fun to play more go, it is to win trophies, medals, etc. Our own Charles “Chuckie” Polkiewicz has managed to bring home the coveted second place trophie in the Division D of the 2011 Phoenix Chinese New Years Tournament. Of course Division D was not exactly heavily contested, but still medal, is a medal. :) Right? So with only so few people it could have been you. Think of that, and attend next time. Many thanks from all of us to Quan Li for running the tournament, and also for the photos of the winners. More on this tournament after the break.

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