As some of you have heard, I just recently took the step into my second six months of playing Go. I originally had a goal to attempt to reach single digit kyu (SDK), before reaching the end of my first six months. Unfortunately, I did not make it to SDK. The closest I came was [...]

Game I Should’ve Lost

I should have lost this game pretty severely. Distracted the opponent and ended up saving the middle group that had been killable with a move for some time. Move 179 was the saving move. Also pay attention to the happening in the upper right corner. Some fun happens there.

Most Peaceful Game I’ve Ever Seen

Played this game on KGS. I know what you are thinking. Its a really bad game but at least I won it. Only 1 stone is captured the entire game. This guy was good at building territory but I don’t think he knew how to fight at all.  Enjoy looking at this one!