Peter and David Continue

The Tucson Go Club is a group of people from all walks of life living in the Tucson area of Arizona in the United States that come together to play and talk about the ancient and enlightening game of go. Go is a very simple to learn, yet extremely complicated to master strategy board game that originated in China most likely in the neighborhood of some 4,000 years ago. How many games do you know are good enough to last that long?

We have meetings twice a week in addition to various meetings we sometimes organize (see the meeting page), so feel free to stop by whenever you have time and would like to learn something new and exciting. If you are already a seasoned player, no problem! There is always progress to made in this game and our member’s ranks are ranged from beginner to intermediate to advanced, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a challenge.

In addition, the Tucson Go Club prides itself with having a good time discussing any number of topics of the day besides go as well as getting to know its members. I can comfortably say that we notice when one of our regulars is absent. As seen by our amusing and probably somewhat true tag line, indoctrinated illegitimacy, we do like to have fun more than anything, so drop by!

Happy stone throwing!