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honinbo shusaku

I have finally completed it! Before I go into what it is that I have completed, do you know about the book Invincible? If you don’t, it is definitely worth the study time for those who have a greater understanding of Go. In short, it is a collection of a ton of games played by the famous professional from the mid-19th century, Honinbo Shusaku, with commentary by more modern professionals. The games are from a time when the way to play Go truly was corners, sides, followed by center.

Things have changed over the last century, of course, but Shusaku was and still is considered a genius and arguably one of the best Go players of all time. He pioneered and mastered a unique opening style, and he eventually obtained the nickname of Invincible after he won 19 strait castle games, so a great deal can be learned of the older foundations of Go from his games.

For many months I have been working on turning all of the games in the book Invincible into SGF files so that while one is reading Invincible, he or she (including myself) may view the games and work through variations more easily.

Here it is (zipped format):

Games of Invincible

Note: No commentary in here, just the games. If you want the commentary, pick up the book!

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  1. Thank you very much for this! I’m working through the book, and was thinking how much better it would be to have the actual diagrams as SGF-files, and here they are. :)

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