Bookmans Family Game Night

bookmans game night 1

The sign says it all

Greetings again Go players! This time I would like to share the results of our first monthly meeting of Family Game Night at Bookmans on Speedway and Wilmont. As you may know: every Wednesday, Bookmans hosts a Family Game Night for various board games to invite people to their store for good times, and the Tucson Go Club has been set for one of the weeks.

It wasn’t a very big group for the 8th of February, to be expected for the first Family Game Night meeting, but we had plenty of fun. Some (perhaps they will read this post sometime) copied down our website and were glad to know of the other meetings we have, and I even got to play a full game with one gentleman in particular. Those who participated even got a little gift on behalf of Bookmans. You missed out if you didn’t come!

It is always difficult to persuade people to delve into a game that looks rather intimidating at first glance, but events like this help with that goal greatly.

The next Family Game Night will be scheduled for none other than March 14, Pi Day! Join us and invite anyone you know that has a knack for strategy. The Tucson Go Club and Bookmans looks forward to seeing you there!

bookmans game night 2

Go Club and the visitor strategizing

bookmans game night 3

Front of the store all to ourselves

Here were some of the games that went on:

bookmans game night 4

bookmans game night 5

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