New Guy Dennis

Dennis Blois

Dennis Blois

One of the newer players to join our club is Mr. Blois. I made up some questions for a few of the newbies to answer for us, and Dennis is short, sweet, and to the point with it. Ask him about servers! A couple more players will be showing on the site for you soon.

1. How did you find out about go and what really got you interested?

Through a friend at work at a previous job; got interested after watching Hikaru No Go.

2. If you could describe Go to someone who has never played, how would you describe it?

Complex like chess but uses black and white pieces like checkers.

3. Would you say playing this game does anything for you other than help you get good at it?

It has given me multiple headaches.

4. It is easy to see how far go has gotten in the thousands of years it’s been in Asia where it was invented. What do you suppose the future of go is in the western world?

I don’t see it replacing chess anytime soon and it’s hard for board games to compete with video games at the moment.

5. What is your favorite shape?


6. Which shape do you hate the most?

Whatever captures my stones.

7. What are your goals with playing go and how do you think you’re doing so far?

Just to have fun and meet new people.

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