Who won?

I was on KGS a few days ago watching the high dan games like I usually do, and this situation came up at the end of this game. White’s huge group on the top only got one eye and was forced to run far, which ends in a giant capture race of proportions I have rarely seen. I couldn’t tell who was going to win this race and then black ran out of time. Can you figure out who would have one if time was not an issue?

3 Responses to Who won?

  1. White wins without needing the capture race. If white ataris at T14 he kills blacks 2 stones and makes his second eye.

    • Nay. If white plays T14, black will play S14 and he can throw in to destroy white’s second eye at T13.

      The capture race at note seems to be between F18 group and C10 group with likely ko involved.

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