As some of you have heard, I just recently took the step into my second six months of playing Go. I originally had a goal to attempt to reach single digit kyu (SDK), before reaching the end of my first six months. Unfortunately, I did not make it to SDK. The closest I came was 12k and was sent back to 13k shortly after. I feel this is still a great accomplishment. Some people it takes years for them to attain a rank close to SDK and some never get out of the 20k’s.

As I look back on when my rank changed the most it began very obvious it was when I took the time to sit down with someone and review games I lost and also games I won from the prospective of my opponent. It is very interesting to see how my opponents mistakes led to my victory but also how they could have turned those mistakes into some amazing opportunities for them in the game. It is also very helpful to see where I could have played a better move and thus had gained a larger advantage and even completely destroyed my opponent.

But the single most important thing I have learned from these last six months is that you cannot move forward just at Go Club. If you want to get stronger and progress at a quick and steady rate you must play online to improve. When I played only at club I improved; very slowly, when I played on KGS often I improved; much faster. If you don’t have a lot of free time to play online just take the time for two maybe three games a week. You will progress and learn and have the opportunity to play and see things that you might never see in Tucson.

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